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L2Top: Lineage 2 Server Rankings - Interlude, Essence, High Five, and More l2top.party
Dear partners, we offer you the opportunity to attract more attention to your Lineage 2 servers through our announcer at L2TOP.party. In return, we ask you to place our banner on your website, keeping it as a dofollow link. Please note that changes to the banner code without prior agreement, including converting it into a nofollow link, are not permitted. If in the future the link to our banner is removed from your website, you will no longer be able to freely advertise your projects on our announcers.
If you're interested in this offer, place our banner, then send us a message via Telegram Telegram L2top or email us at l2top.party@gmail.com with a link to your server, information about the chronicles and rates, as well as the launch date. We'll check if the banner is functioning properly, and afterwards, we'll list your server on our website.

If you'd like to advertise your server without using our banner, you might consider purchasing VIP, VIP1, or TOP statuses. Please, check our prices and additional services.

L2 servers — a great opportunity for fans of online gaming in the world of Lineage 2

There are many L2top servers, and we help players choose only the best. Our portal offers extensive monitoring of l2top server rankings where you can read other user reviews and learn about new Lineage 2 servers.

New l2 servers are launched regularly, and we closely follow all announcements of lineage 2 servers. In our new "Premium" category, you'll find only high-quality l2top servers with custom software and positive community reviews. Choosing l2 servers from our list, you can be confident in the server's success at launch and the abundance of live characters.

Our independent selection system helps choose l2 essence servers, l2 interlude servers, and other game versions according to each player's interests. You'll be able to pick l2 servers with unique concepts, such as multiprof, multicraft, servers without donations, and various addons.

Our l2 server categories range from low, craft, pvp, gve, rvr, and end with classic game versions. On our portal, you'll always find new l2 interlude servers and other versions, as well as a wide selection of la2 servers. Download la2 and other Lineage 2 clients on our website.

Stay updated with all the novelties in the MMORPG world of Lineage 2, follow the l2 announcer, and enjoy playing on the best lineage 2 servers selected with our l2 top ranking.